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Fundraisers That Work!

Highest Profit Best Tasting Food Fundraiser

Since 2009, we have helped groups raise over $1,000,000.00 for their financial needs. We love to help! Our fundraiser is simple and easy. Everything that we offer is something you will find on anyone’s grocery list. Your group can raise up to 40% profit with our amazing menu.

Using the Best  ingredients, we have created a Unique Recipe that is sure to please anyone. Our sauce is Seasoned with 6 spices that are blended by hand. We use a mixture of Mozzarella and Provolone cheeses. The Meats that we use are specially selected for their flavor. Our Goal is to make the best Stromboli’s and Pizza’s from the best ingredients.

Our Cinnamon Rolls are fully baked and once they are microwaved, the cinnamon rolls taste just like they were freshly made. Gooey and soft and a one of a kind taste!

This is How it Works

1. Contact us to book a fundraiser.

2. Delivery or Pick Up is available every day.

3. We give you professional forms to handle the sales

4. Your group is motivated. All of our products are reasonably priced and your profit is High.

5. Collect the money up front.

6. You notify us how many you sold

7. You keep the profit and pay us when we deliver.

8. Everything we deliver is in color coded boxes and are easy to sort.

Common Questions

Q: How big are the Strombolis, Pizzas, and Cinnamon Rolls?
A: Strombolis are 9’”x4.5” and weigh 15oz. Pizzas are 12” and weigh up to 30oz. Cinnamon Rolls are 7oz each.

Q: How much do we charge?
A: Two strombolis $11, Cheese Pizza $8, Pepperoni Pizza $9, Four Meat Pizza $10, Two Cinnamon Rolls $7

Q: How many kinds of strombolis are there?
A: Three! Ham and Pepperoni, Buffalo Chicken, and Taco.

Q: Are your menu items really that good?
A: Yes, we have been making pizza for almost 60 years and have one of the top pizzerias in the United States!

Q: Is there a minimum quantity that we need to sell?
A: No. There is a deliver fee if your group sells less than 400 items. $3 per mile but no more than $100

Q: Do we charge sales tax?
A: No. Our menu items are not taxable.

Q: How do we know you have a quality product?
A: Our items come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our facility is USDA inspected

Fundraiser Form

Complete our form below to sign up for a fundraiser:

Printable Fundraiser Sales Form

Requested Information

Name of the Fundraiser Group
Name of main contact
Phone number of main contact
Email address of main contact
Number of sales forms needed for the fundraiser
Fundraiser ending date
January 2020
Delivery date requested (Must be 5 days after the sale ends)
January 2020
Delivery time requested
Delivery location
Additional Comments



Fundraiser Order Form

Requested Information

Group Name
Delivery Date
Delivery Details
Pepperoni Pizza sold
Four Meat Pizza sold
Cheese Pizza sold
Cinnamon Roll sold
Ham Stromboli sold
Buffalo Chicken Stromboli sold
Taco Stromboli sold

Additional Information