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Our Menu


A wide assortment of subs made with our freshly baked French bread and served with your choice of dressing. Perfect for lunch & dinner.

Topped with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion,
pickle & banana pepper (except where noted with an *)

8-inch Subs 5.99 | 16-inch Subs 9.99
Make any 8-inch sub a Wrap for 5.99
Add Fries 8-inch and a small drink 8.99
Add 3 8-inch Subs for 13.99


Ham and Salami topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle & banana peppers

Roast Beef

Roast Beef topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles & banana peppers


Turkey topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles & banana peppers


Ham topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles & banana peppers

Turkey & Bacon

Turkey and Bacon topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles & banana peppers

Ham & Turkey

Ham and Turkey topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles & banana peppers


Seasoned steak topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles & banana peppers


Ham, cheese, sauce & pepperoni

Add Mushrooms .30 | Hot peppers .20

Chicken Ranchero*

Chicken, ranch, cheese, tomato,
onion, & bacon

Buffalo Chicken*

Chicken, mild sauce & cheese

Taco Wrap

Taco Meat, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, & taco sauce

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken, Cheese, Sauce, and Parmesan


Dressing Choices: Mayo | House Italian | Creamy Italian | Fat Free Italian | Ranch | Fat Free Ranch | Country French 

Add Cheese - .75

Add Fries - .75

Customers have been raving about our salads
since we started offering them! Made with the crispiest lettuce, fresh tomato, carrots & cabbage.

Salads come with our breadstick & your choice of dressing.

4.99Taco Salad

1.99Side Salad


5.49Salad with Chicken

4.59Salad with Ham

4.99Salad with Turkey

5.59Salad with Steak


3.99Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (4)

2.99Breadsticks (6)

Breadsticks made from our fluffy bread-style dough. Served with a cup of sauce.

3.99Cheesy Breadsticks (6)

Breadsticks made from our fluffy bread-style dough & cheese. Served with a cup of sauce.

Waldo’s “Uncle Walter’s Stuffed Breadsticks”

(3) 3.99 | (6) 7.49

Breadsticks stuffed with cheese & pepperoni

Fresh Cut French Fries

Small 2.29 | Large 3.79                        

Cut from Idaho Potatoes that are specifically grown for use as French fries.                                                                                                                          Add Cheese - Small 0.70 | Large 1.20
Add Garlic Butter - Small 0.70 | Large 1.20

Load your fries with bacon or taco meat!

2.99*NEW ITEM* Onion Rings


Quality: Claysburg Pizza uses the finest deck oven in the world imported from Italy – The Veroforno Oven. Our Sauce is made several times a day. We mix in a special blend of spices. Picked from countries like Mexico, Greece, and of course the U.S.A. the owner Paul Medasie mixes the spices by hand. We also use a special blend of Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese. Fresh Vegetables & Flavorful Meats can be added to every cut!

Square Cut Pizza
Our One of a Kind Pizza Dough Recipe is a taste
that you will enjoy every time! Topped with
our very own sauce, cheese & pepperoni.

1 Cut 1.15 | 2 Cuts 2.30 | 3 Cuts 3.45 | 4 Cuts 4.60 | 5 Cuts 5.75 | 6 Cuts 6.90 | 7 Cuts 8.05 | 8 Cuts 9.20 | 10 Cuts **9.99 | 11 Cuts 12.65 | 12 Cuts 13.80 | 13 Cuts 14.95 | 14 Cuts 16.10 | 15 Cuts 17.25 | 16 Cuts 17.44 | 20 Cuts 19.99 | 28 Cuts 24.99

1 Extra Topping (per cut) - .10

2 Extra Toppings (per cut) - .20

3rd & 4th Extra Topping - FREE!

Pizza Specials
10 Cuts 9.99 | 20 Cuts 19.99 | 28 Cuts 24.99 | 12 Cuts, Breadsticks and Stickysticks 14.99 | 12 Cuts, 6 Waldos and Monkeybread 19.99

12-inch Specialty Pizza
Now available in thick and thin crust!!

Crispy New York-Style crust. A mouth-watering selection of toppings for your enjoyment.

Gluten Free add 2.50

Extra Cheese | Mushrooms | Hot Peppers | Onions | Tomatoes | Green Peppers | Ham | Bacon | Sausage | Canadian Bacon

7.99Cheese & Pepperoni

12-inch Specialty Thin-Crust


Green pepper, mushroom, onion & tomato

9.99Meat Lover

Sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon & pepperoni

8.99Buffalo Chicken

Chicken, red hot & cheese


Sausage, green pepper, mushroom & onion

8.99Taco Pizza

Taco meat, cheese, sauce, and a side of lettuce, sour cream, & taco sauce

7.99Cheese Pizza

Mozzarella and Provolone cheese

9.99Chicken Ranchero

Chicken, bacon, ranch, onion, tomato & cheese

8.99White Pizza

Olive oil, cheese, garlic & up to 4 toppings


Since 1981 our Stromboli’s have been a customer favorite. Made from our One-Of-A-Kind dough recipe, we wrap a generous portion of Meats, our Cheese Blend, and our Pizza Sauce into our dough. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Add Hot Peppers for 25¢
Add Mushrooms for 25¢

Dipping Sauces: Pizza Sauce (5oz) 50¢ 
| Blue Cheese Dip  (3oz) .50 | Ranch (3oz) 50¢ | Red Hot (3oz) 50¢ | Garlic Butter (3oz) 50¢


Ham, cheese, sauce & pepperoni


Chicken, cheese & sauce

5.99Buffalo Chicken

Chicken, cheese, and mild sauce

5.99Jalapeno Popper

Cream cheese, cheese, bacon, and jalapeno

5.99Roast Beef

Roast beef, cheese & sauce


Taco meat, cheese, sauce, and a side of lettuce, sour cream, & taco sauce

Jumbo Wings

We searched for a long time for the best wings. You are going to love ours! We use a steamed wing, fry them for each order till they are crispy and then we cover them with your choice of great tasting sauce. Crispy on the outside and fall off the bone tender on the inside. Don’t forget to ask for our Blue Cheese Dip – homemade from our very own recipe!!

Sauces: Hot | Mild | Spicy BBQ | Honey BBQ | Roasted Garlic Butter | Honey Garlic | Honey Mustard | Teriyaki | Sweet Thai Chili | Sweet & Tangy | Hot & Spicy Garlic Butter 

Ask for our Celery & Blue Cheese Dip - 1.50

16oz Container of Blue Cheese Dip - 3.00

6.496 Wings

12.4912 Wings

5.99Boneless Wings

1/2 lb. 


Small 1.59 | Large 1.99

Slush Puppy®

Raspberry | Cherry | Grape | Strawberry | Bubble Gum | Cotton Candy | Lemon Lime | Watermelon


Add special flavor combinations to any of our Pepsi® products!

Flavors: Pepsi® | Diet Pepsi® | Cherry Pepsi® | Mt. Dew® | Sierra Mist® | Mug® Root Beer | Dr. Pepper® | Diet Dr. Pepper® | Raspberry Iced Tea | Lemon Iced Tea


3.50Monkey Bread Nuggets

Our famous Sticky Sticks now have a great new companion!

Made from fresh dough, butter and a sweet coating that is heavenly, they will melt in your mouth!

3.00Cinnamon Roll

Made from our soft dough. Gooey and Delicious!

2.75Sticky Sticks (4)

Made from our fluffy bread-style dough with cinnamon & peanut butter


6.98Lunch Special Stromboli and Drink

Available 11am-1pm

17.99Two Strombolis & 12-inch Pepperoni

15.5012 Cuts, 6 Breadsticks & 4 Sticky Sticks

12.99Two 12-inch Pizza with One Topping

4.44Lunch Special 3 Cuts and Drink

Available 11am-1pm

5.59Lunch Special 4 Cuts and a Drink

Available 11am-1pm

6.98Lunch Special 8" Sub or 12" Wrap and Drink

Available 11am-1pm

17.99Two Strombolis and 8 Cuts of Pizza

19.9912 Cuts, 6 Waldo's, and one order of Monkeybread Nuggets

13.99Any three 8" Subs or 12" Wraps