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Founded in 1959, Claysburg Pizza is a part of Claysburg’s history. Claysburg Pizza prides itself on being a Christian establishment where you can enjoy delicious food at a great price. Our goal is to serve fresh meals & provide fast service to our customers.

Just like you remember!

Our recipes are unique. Every ingredient is carefully selected.

We make our dough from scratch four times each Day. Our sauce has a combination of 6 spices mixed into it and aged for optimum flavor. Mozzarella and Provolone Cheese is blended together each day, to give our pizza a special touch.

We use our unique dough recipe to add a variety of desserts and appetizers to our menu. Desserts like stickysticks and monkeybread make Claysburg Pizza a place to visit over and over. We put our own flavor into our appetizers too! Our very own “Uncle Walters Waldo’s” are breadsticks stuffed with pepperoni and cheese.

Chicken Ranchero pizza with bacon, ranch, onion, tomato and cheese on a metal serving tray with assorted spice shakers in the background on a table-top